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  • PascalGladiator IDE for Mac OS X Development

    PascalGladiator is a free graphical IDE for Free Pascal and debugger front-end for GDB. The IDE's creator was developing this program for personal use but does hope that others can make use of it also. To that end he has been trying to keep updated versions available to the public.

    The current version is 0.8 and it required the following:

    • An Intel or PowerPC Mac with at least version 10.5 of Mac OS X or higher
    • Free Pascal compiler (version 2.2.4 is recommended)
    • Apple Developer Tools for GNU C compiler and other tools

    Version 0.3 and below only require 10.4 of Mac OS X and a PowerPC Mac which is kept on the site for compatibility.

    Features of this IDE are the following:

    • Compile universal binaries
    • Go to symbol and files window for quick navigating
    • Pascal typing helpers
    • Class browser
    • Inserting bookmarks into the symbol menu from code
    • Looking up symbols in the reference library
    • Debugger GUI (and HUD display) which supports most common functions
    • Extensible syntax parser which styles project symbols
    • Code completion for project symbols
    • Navigate symbols and object members by contextual clicking
    • Builds application bundles, frameworks, loadable bundles and static/dynamic libraries
    • Drag and drop linking of frameworks and libraries
    • Project based with drag and drop file management
    • Find and replace for single files, projects and folders
    • Programmable macros which can execute UNIX commands
    • Configurable project targets
    • Split-view editor
    • Automatic backup and restore of files
    • Context sensitive spelling checker

    Get PascalGladiator or read more information about it at www.thealchemistguild.org/pascalgladiator.

    Screenshot of PascalGladiator IDE
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      Mario Donick -
      Now this looks very interesting! I'll give that a try.
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