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  • Delphi iPhone Workshop by Dr. Bob

    Bob Swart will be running a workshop for those interested in doing some web-based application development for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch using Delphi XE. It will take place on the 14th of February 2011 in Helmond Brandevoort for all those Object Pascal developers out in the Netherlands and Belgium. He will be speaking in Dutch, but his documentation will be in English.

    Quote from his blog: "
    Feb 14th 2011...Valentine's Day, Delphi turns 16, and Bob Swart organises another Delphi Workshop in Helmond Brandevoort (NL) this time with the focus on iPhone / iPad / iPod Touch development using Delphi XE, Advantage WebAPI, TMS IntraWeb iPhone Controls (for browser based solutions) and MonoDevelop with Delphi Prism XE for native solutions."

    He will also be offering a prize to be won by a lucky attendee, the TMS IntraWeb iPhone Controls Pack by TMS Software.

    For more information about this event or to ask a question, visit Bob's blog page at www.bobswart.nl.

    Story Source: DelphiFeeds.com
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