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  • Get Perplxt on your iPhone or iPad

    A new independent developer by the name of Squeaky Duck Design has released a puzzle game called Perplxt for iOS and can be played on either an iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad. It's a simple game where you try to flip over all the two-sided playing pieces to the other colour. As you flip your chosen piece, all the adjacent pieces will flip too. There is lies the trick to the puzzle.

    This very simple, yet interesting game was made using Delphi Prism along with the MonoTouch library and the ported XNATouch library. You can read the developer's post on the MonoTouch forums at forums.monotouch.net.

    Perplxt is available for FREE on the iTunes store at itunes.apple.com. Interested in using MonoTouch to make games for Apple iOS devices? You can check it out at www.monotouch.net.

    Perplxt Screenshots

    Thanks to Dominique Louis for passing the information.
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