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  • Golden Wipf Extreme 3D Sandbox Game

    Carl-Philip Haensch has released his game Golden Wipf Extreme, or gwX for short. The game is a sandbox style game with the intention of having the traditional and funny atmosphere of the 2D game Clonk game in a 3D environment. The game will feature fully editable maps based on voxels making all the traditional "Clonk-Goals" possible to play.

    Quote from the developers: "With Golden Wipf Extreme, you can easily develop games on top of the original game. FirstPerson-Shooters, TopDown-Strategy-Games - Extend the world of Clonk at your wishes!"

    The game engine used is called the ToastEngine in-house and is written entirely with Lazarus and Free Pascal. It uses SDL and OpenGL for graphics and it has it's own script engine called ToastScript.

    Check out Golden Wipf Extreme at www.goldenwipf.de.

    Golden Wipf Extreme Gameplay Video

    News Source: Lazarus Forums
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      Now that is some sweet code in there. Sdl and opengl with only laz and fpc - bookmarked