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  • Tech Paper; Developing iPhone with Delphi Prism XE

    Brian Long of Brian Long Consultancy & Training Services, has published a tech paper on developing iPhone applications using Delphi Prism XE. He writes about using Mono technology to leverage the latest Delphi Prism to creare apps that can be made to work on your iPhone devices.

    Quote from the Embarcadero site: "The iPhone¨∆ is clearly a very successful smart-phone and the ability to develop applications for iPhones opens up a new sector for developers. Initially, iPhone application development was only within the reach of Objective-C programmers directly using Apple's CocoaTouch framework, but this is no longer the case."

    The technique used within this document makes use of the MonoTouch library from Novell and takes you through the process of developing, debugging and deploying your made apps. Of course this technique would also allow you to make apps for iPod Touch and the iPas as well, considering that they all use the same operating system, iOS 4.2.1.

    For those who have a hard time sifting through pages of text, there is also a video to help elaborate on the process.

    Check out this 'white paper' or check out the two-part video on Embarcadero's website at www.embarcadero.com.

    News Source: DelphiInsider Blog