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    LazPaint is a fairly new open source tool that works much like Paint Brush or Paint.NET and has been developed completely with Free Pascal and Lazarus. It is however a bit more feature packed than the usual simple paint program. It is currently at version 1.8 and has been tested to work with Windows 7 and with 64-bit processors and has been said that it should work well under 32-bit processors and Linux as well.

    LazPaint it's self is under the GPL license while the BGRA Bitmap components are under the LGPL license.

    Figures depicting Features of LazPaint

    Features of the drawing program include:

    • anti-aliasing
    • multiple undo
    • alpha blending
    • BGRA Bitmap
    • selection of any shape
    • rotation
    • filters

    New features as of 1.8:

    • embedded Paint.NET format reading in BGRA Bitmap
    • clouds rendering
    • autoshow grid
    • set canvas size
    • selection fit
    • remove transparency menu

    Learn more about LazPaint at www.sourceforge.net.

    News Source: Lazarus Forums
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    1. chronozphere's Avatar
      chronozphere -
      Great. I like this kind of software. It seems quite solid and easy to use. A perfect replacement for mspaint.

      I also like the fact that the zoom feature is accessible through the toolbar. In MSPaint I always have to click through the menu's and dialogs if I want to have a closer look at, say a 32x32 bitmap.
    1. farcodev's Avatar
      farcodev -
      Cool. It's a good alternative to Paint.NET

      By using GR32 it should be a killer app, even if the features that are already implemented are very good.
    1. code_glitch's Avatar
      code_glitch -
      Any chance of just plain binaries?
    1. wodzu's Avatar
      wodzu -
      Cool, I gave it a try
    1. PAEz's Avatar
      PAEz -
      This app uses bgrabitmap which is also by the same author, so I rekn hes gonna wanna use his own stuff.

      Here's a link to a compiled version (latest svn, windows)......
    1. circular's Avatar
      circular -
      I am the author of this program. On the lazarus forum, someone proposed to make binaries, but I do not know how to organize it yet.

      I did not use Graphics32 because it was not mentionned on Lazarus wiki. But it seems to be a good library. Is it fully compatible with Lazarus, cross-platform and everything?
    1. circular's Avatar
      circular -
      There have been some improvements in LazPaint since then. You can download 3.5 binaries here:

      Current source version is 3.7, you can download it here (you'll need Lazarus to compile it) :
    1. aalina's Avatar
      aalina -
      LazPaint is a drawing program like Paint brush or Paint.net written in Lazarus (Free Pascal). It comes along with basic functions and some more complex tools for photo handling. This application includes basic features and some complex tools for handling your photos. With this tool, you can highlight the picture rotation, cut outs and set colours. In addition, it includes other features such as blur, twirl, and smooth. This software is portable.
    1. circular's Avatar
      circular -
      Here is a new version of LazPaint (5.1) with :
      Layers, Load Paint.NET, Load and save OpenRaster, Resize shapes, Text alignment, Less memory usage, Embedded update checker, Filters applied to selected part, Twirl center