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    Well it seems that Object Pascal has finally landed on Android thanks to the latest efforts of RemObjects Software. Jim McKeeth demonstrates on the Oxygene TV channel some of the basic functionality of the new Java native code compiler, Cooper. It is promised to be released sometime this year.

    The compiler it's self currently requires .NET to run on, but not for the resulting apps, which will instead run naively on any Java run-time platform, such as an Android phone or mobile handheld. Those familiar with the Oxygene dialect will be comfortable with Cooper as it shares almost the same syntax.

    It is currently being worked on at their research labs, but it was shown off at the DSConf Las Vegas event live.

    Photos from the DSConf event in Las Vegas

    Get more information about Cooper and other RemObjects Software products and projects at www.remobjects.com.

    Demonstration Video of Cooper Compiler (currently in development)
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    1. chronozphere's Avatar
      chronozphere -
      Cool stuff! I'm both familiar with pascal and Java, so this will hopefully give me the best of both worlds.

      I really hope they'll manage to release it this year and that the speed/size/memory footprint of the compiled applications is good. I don't like having a lot of dependencies.

      Looking forward to this.
    1. paul_nicholls's Avatar
      paul_nicholls -
      Looking great...I can't wait

    1. farcodev's Avatar
      farcodev -
      One language to compile them all, and in the binary executable, to link them

      my preciouuuuuus