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  • DGL OpenGL Header 4.1

    The headers over at the German Delphi OpenGL Community have been updated to support all OpenGL versions including the latest 4.1 release. So if you're using Delphi and/or Free Pascal and want to use all of the latest features OpenGL has to offer, please visit their english wiki-page for the header and grab a copy of it.

    Note that the header also includes support for all older OpenGL versions, so it may worthwhile updating even if you're not using the latest cutting-edge features of OpenGL 3.x/4.x. The changelog is available and can be accessed through the wiki as well here.

    Get the new DGL OpenGL Headers at wiki.delphigl.com.

    You can also get further support and information about the OpenGL API it's self at www.opengl.org.
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      Sweet! Grabbing them now.