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    Just a few months ago Jarrod Davis announced that he had re-branded his Pyrogine game SDK library to the Hadron Game Engine, or HGE for short. Hadron Games opens up it's doors to developers looking to take existing users of the older Pyrogine SDK over to the new and improved game engine.

    Fun fact: Hadron originally is a Greek word meaning "Any of a class of subatomic particles that are composed of quarks and take part in the strong interaction."

    This new version HGE v0.1.0, announced just last month, of the game engine, like it's previous incarnations, is for making games with robust 2D graphics enhanced with Direct3D hardware acceleration under Delphi. Other neat features available to Hadron users are; Actors, Actor Lists, Actor Scene, AI, Entities and Game Management. You can create an actor, drop it on a list it will be updated and rendered automatically. It also has support for multiple programming languages through a simple, yet intuitive API that allows you rapidly and efficiently develop your graphics simulations.

    The HGE has support for surfaces, textures, sprites, audio, streams, archives, configuration files, render targets, swap chains, databases and much more.

    To read more about HGE, go to their new web site located at www.hadrongames.com.
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