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  • FL Studio 9.9 Beta

    Image-Line Software has just made FL Studio 9.9 Beta available for testing. All previous 9.x Beta version have expired and you'll need to download 9.9 to continue your work if you have any existing projects.

    Here is some videos of what's new in this latest version of Fruity Loops Studio:

    The Project Picker


    ZgeViz music visualization effect plugin based on the free open source ZGameEditor

    Get more information about FL Studio at www.image-line.com.

    Fun fact:
    FL Studio was used, at least in part, for the movie TRON: Legacy.

    Gross Beat used on Daft Punk's Derezzed in TRON Legacy movie
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    1. virtual's Avatar
      virtual -
      really fast and amazing development , i think you will be able to compose using your eyes , in the upcoming releases