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  • Gimp Tutorial: Basic Paths & Pen Tool

    Matt explains how to use the Pen Tool and the Paths concept in the GIMP application.

    Video Author: Matt Shaffer
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    1. paul_nicholls's Avatar
      paul_nicholls -
      Nice...very helpful

    1. dazappa's Avatar
      dazappa -
      Quote Originally Posted by paul_nicholls View Post
      Nice...very helpful

      Going to end up doing another tutorial on this soon for the more advanced uses. The pen tool is quite powerful.
    1. chronozphere's Avatar
      chronozphere -

      Would be cool if I could move some of my graphics related activities to linux. I must admit that I am only familiar with photoshop and MS Paint.
    1. WILL's Avatar
      WILL -
      GIMP is available for Windows and even Mac OS X too. More so Windows than Mac OS X though.

      Check GIMP out here: http://www.gimp.org/
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