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  • David I. Talks Down Under: 64-bit, Cross-Platform & Mobile Devices

    Today and tomorrow David I. will be talking about Embarcadero's roadmap at the ADUG Autumn Symposium 2011 in Australia and how they plan on Delphi and their other tools will get into 64-bit, cross-platform and mobile device development. He will be talking in the city of Melborne today and in Sydney on Friday.

    Description from his blog:

    "This technical and educational presentation will help you do amazing things today using Delphi. David will also help you get your applications ready for a Delphi future that includes 64-bit, cross platform and mobile application development. David Is presentation will provide ADUG Autumn Symposium 2011 attendees with:
    • Embarcadero Update
    • Delphi Vision and Roadmap
    • Delphi XE Today
    • Delphi for 64-bit Windows
    • Delphi Native Code for cross platform development
    • Delphi Prism managed code for cross platform development"

    It's not quite news that this is the direction that Embarcadero was planning on taking Delphi and it's other tools for some time, however as to how they plan to go about it, these talks might give us further insight as to how they plan on doing it. We announced not too long ago that Delphi XE 2 would be coming out by the third quarter this year and it would support cross compiling to the Mac (and possibly Linux) and 64-bit support.

    Is there a native Delphi for Mac on the distant horizon? Some developers we are sure hope so. If there are any of our faithful readers or forum members in attendance, please be sure to post your questions to him as he will be there to also take suggestions answer your questions and other various comments.

    News Source: David I. Blog
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    1. azrael11's Avatar
      azrael11 -
      Cross fingers....
    1. arthurprs's Avatar
      arthurprs -
      Fingers crossed [2]
    1. farcodev's Avatar
      farcodev -
      another hope...

      Thanks to FPC/Lazarus we've an already existing alternative.