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  • Pokemon Clone Created by 16-Year Old CS Student

    A computer science high school student in the UK has created his own Pokemon clone in Pascal. It is ASCII-based, but still looks quite impressive. SDL was added in to play music. With only just a few years in high school programming classes, this is pretty impressive. The whole game is about 3000+ lines in total and the source and game data is freely available under an Apache License from the Pascal Programming for Schools website where it has it's own page.

    In-Game Combat Screen

    You can check out the Pokemon clone by Max at www.pp4s.co.uk.
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    1. Traveler's Avatar
      Traveler -
      That's pretty neat.
      Also, its good to read about schools still teaching Pascal.
    1. azrael11's Avatar
      azrael11 -
    1. SuperMaximo93's Avatar
      SuperMaximo93 -
      Wow, cool! I didn't expect this to be on here! Thanks! It only took me a few months of Pascal classes to be confident enough to start making it... I've been programming in general for a few years now.
    1. paul_nicholls's Avatar
      paul_nicholls -
      Very nice indeed