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  • Better Late than Never; I Was A Vegas Showgirl

    I Was a Vegas Showgirl is a game made by Alasdair Beckett, using the Dage 3D Adventure Game Engine. He finished it late last year for a game development competition over at TIGSource called 'A Game By It's Cover'. It's a third-person 3D adventure game, in which you have to guide a deceased showgirl, Sissy O'Leary who has been given a second chance at life if she can steal the hat from the casino owner thanks to her spirit guide, Chief Sitting Duck. The game has a bit of a noir film feel to it with nicely designed graphics and visuals.


    The game is available on Windows only and uses version 0.4.8 of the Dage Engine. Get it at www.dageport.com.

    There is also a running forum thread you can join in on the discussion at www.dageport.com.
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    1. Rahakasvi's Avatar
      Rahakasvi -
      I would like to point out that Alasdair Beckett didn't make Dage 3D Adventure Game Engine...
    1. WILL's Avatar
      WILL -
      Ah, right sorry. You did actually. I shouldn't write news posts so quickly in the future.

      *correction made*

      Any other great game projects in the works with Dage yet?