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  • Space Shooter by UK Student

    Another very promising game made by yet another high school student in the UK named Chris who is approximately 16 years of age. Space Shooter makes use of almost the entire SDL library from graphics to music and from image formats and fonts to player input controls and a timer. Quite impressive work some one so new to the hobby.

    Originally inspired by the Artillery Game tutorial series by Jason McMillen here on PGD, the game was eventually updated to make use of OpenGL for graphics. The NeHe Productions and Lazy Foo' Productions sites and other numerous sources were also of great help in learning OpenGL graphics for the game.

    The game takes advantage of the mouse and keyboard to control the ship and shoot down the spinning asteroids. This game is also available in source form --sorry you have to compile it-- under the Apache license to try out and look at the code yourself.

    Check it out at the Pascal Programming for Schools website at www.pp4s.co.uk.