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  • Lazarus: The Complete Guide is Finally Here

    Well we finally get that great big book that tells us everything we wanted to know about Lazarus. You can now get the popular 'Lazarus: The Complete Guide' originally written in German and translated into English. It is available thanks to the Blaise Pascal website store.

    Just one look at the table of contents and if the book's text matches up, this truly is a "complete" guide to the Lazarus development tool. The mini tome of everything Lazarus come at a fairly high price, but if it delivers and literally has everything you need to know about the popular open source development environment then it's indeed worth every single dollar, euro or pound. Price listed is Ǩ 50.00 and the hardcover version will go for Ǩ 60.00. Ǩ 15.00 for shipping and handling.

    It's available in paperback and a hardcover edition is being prepared and will be also available for purchase soon. The books are written by the following authors; Micha?l Van Canneyt, Mattias G?rtner, Swen Heinig, Felipe Monteiro de Carvalho and Inoussa Ouedrago.

    Get this book in English at www.blaisepascal.eu or in it's original German at www.cul.de.

    Vincent Snijders has started a thread announcing and talking about the book on the Lazarus forums here.

    German version cover (left) & the Blaise Pascal Lazarus USB Edition + Lazarus: The Complete Guide combo (right)
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    1. pstudio's Avatar
      pstudio -
      50 € seems quite pricey but then again. If the +700 pages are quality then it is not so bad. And it seems like you can get a free usb stick with Lazarus when you buy the book. Maybe I need some new litterature to read this summer.
    1. WILL's Avatar
      WILL -
      My interest peeked when I read the downloaded table of contents and read that there is quite of material on the Mac OS X port.
    1. chronozphere's Avatar
      chronozphere -
      Great to see this book finally appear. It hopefully will bring pascal development to a wider audience.

      Personally, I have some doubts whether this book is right for me. I feel that it still covers a lot of basics (not that it's bad, but just not right for me). For example how a TCanvas works. The Lazarus user-interface is pretty self-explanatory so I won't need a description of that too. However, I would be interested in the parts that explain how all OSses are abstracted away (in the component model). Some good instructions on how to configure the compiler is also very welcome.

      15 euro for handling/shipping is alot . Do I have to pay that even when I live in Holland?

      I may buy it. I do have the money, but I still have some doubts.
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