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  • Mac OS X Lion is Downloadable Today

    Finally the newest version of the Mac OS X operating system Lion is now available on the Mac App Store for purchase. This latest version of OS X Lion was released exclusively on the Mac App Store by Apple to help save on the overhead costs of making printed discs and to allow everyone to get their hands on Lion much quicker on their broad-band internet connection.

    Don't have broad-band and feel that you've been left out? Well then grab your system and take it down to your closest Apple store instead and they will be offering you the option to purchase there and install it even faster than you would online.

    There is a ton of new features; like Versions, Full-Screen Apps, Launchpad, Multi-Touch Gestures, and a ton more, but instead of listing them all here, check out the Apple website as read about them for yourself at www.apple.com.

    The current status of Lazarus or Free Pascal running on Lion is unknown, but they should work just has they have on Snow Leopard. SDL 1.2 is reported to also have some issues with the OS X 10.7, but considering the amount of applications and games that use SDL on the Mac, there is sure to be a quick fix soon. Read more about those issues at forums.libsdl.org.

    News Source: Apple.com
    Comments 3 Comments
    1. WILL's Avatar
      WILL -
      Found a compatibility patch for SDL 1.2.x as posted by Ryan C. Gordon on the libsdl forums. Check it out here!
    1. Stoney's Avatar
      Stoney -
      I bought Lion yesterday and installed it on an external drive. I can confirm that applications compiled with SDL 1.2 and OpenGL do not need the patch.

      Also FreePascal 2.4.4 is working fine so far. I haven't tried Lazarus yet.
    1. WILL's Avatar
      WILL -
      I myself installed Lion the other day and most things seem to be working fine. I can't stand Launchpad though. If you have a game like Starcraft installed, you get each and every executable thrown into it so it makes it quite messy. Other than that, it's not bad, but I'm not sure if it's worth the 30 bucks I spent. Other than changing the Expos? preview display to Mission Control, which is kinda neat, Dashboard is kind of annoying now. I would have left it the way it was so I could still see whats going on in the background like before. The new mail is not really my cup of tea either. Thankfully I am able to set it up to be mostly the way it was in Snow Leopard.

      Beyond all that, I'm often sitting in front of my Mac wondering why on earth did I upgrade to Lion anyhow? I guess I'll just have to hope that Versions and all that other stuff they promised will actually get some use. Otherwise sort of a waste of $30 just to keep current.

      I've tried Lazarus though and it seems to work (only with Stoney's project modification trick!) as it did before.