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  • Indievania: Independent Game Store

    Hey there indie developers, working on your latest and trying to find an indie-friendly store or distribution network that will sell your game? Well look no further because Indievania is just that. Already established with a catalog of games, it aims to allow you to sell directly to your players with a limited amount of fuss.

    From the site's About page...

    "Indievania is an open platform for independent developers to sell their games directly to players and keep the most profits possible. Our focus is on DRM free games directly from developers with no middle men and no extra software for players to install."

    They have quite a few features that allow you to promote and get the most out of the online store. They use PayPal to maintain low fees and allow you to sell games for as low as a dollar (or $0.99) and still retain high profits. You can setup your game to sell within a day and only games that are malicious or completely unfunctional will be rejected from the store's system. If your game is popular or of good quality it will even be featured on the front page and posted on their RSS, Twitter and Facebook accounts and feeds.

    There is also the ability to submit prototype / alpha and beta stage games that you can sell as a means of funding it's development, kind of like how Minecraft got started. Plus you get full control of your custom store page and price of your games which also means you can remove your game from the store at any time without obligation.

    This wonderful new way for indie developers to sell and market your games is still in beta and they have future plans and goals which you should go and read about if this is something that you are interested for your own game releases.

    Currently featured games on the site as of this post are:

    • Beep
    • Capsized
    • Nexuiz Clasic
    • Steel Storm

    Check out Indievania Beta at beta.indievania.com.
    Comments 3 Comments
    1. paul_nicholls's Avatar
      paul_nicholls -
      This seems pretty neat! I have signed up

    1. gintasdx's Avatar
      gintasdx -
      Seems like really easy to use and prices for currents are very friendly.
      It needs some improvement since I can see top sold games and how many of copies user sold like http://codecanyon.net/
    1. WILL's Avatar
      WILL -
      I like the idea of this place. Especially the fact that it's all independent game developers. The store could use some sprucing up and maybe adding a bit more AJAX functionality, but otherwise I like it. I think all developers here who have published releases in the past should consider this site for their games.

      I can see NecroSOFT's .S.C.A.G. being successful here!