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  • Drawn: Dark Flight Collector's Edition on iPad

    The second part of the Drawn puzzle adventure game saga is now available on the iTunes App Store for iPad. Drawn: Dark Flight Collector's Edition can now be bought and played in it's entirety thanks to the folks at Big Fish Games who finally ported it over. All those unfamiliar with the series; Can read more about it on the Big Fish Games website or iTunes App Store product page.

    You can try the game for free and purchase it with an in-app purchase of ~$6.99 USD. English, French, German, Japanese & Spanish languages are offered. It is also available on the Windows and Mac OS X platforms.

    Drawn: Dark Flight Game Trailer

    List of Features from iTunes Description:
    "☆☆☆ Features ☆☆☆

    ✓ Explore 100+ screens on your magical journey through the town of Stonebriar
    ✓ Original music score composed specifically for each area of the adventure
    ✓ Overcome dozens of elaborate environmental puzzles that block your way
    ✓ Enter lush paintings and meet fantastic characters in magical worlds
    ✓ Integrated Game Center Achievements
    ✓ Gestural navigation
    ✓ Localized in Spanish, French, German, and Japanese"

    Drawn: Dark Flight Screenshots
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    1. gintasdx's Avatar
      gintasdx -
      Emm... is made in Pascal or what?
    1. Stoney's Avatar
      Stoney -
      Of course it is. (Unfortunately Big Fish Games doesn't like to promote this fact.)
    1. WILL's Avatar
      WILL -
      Absolutely! If a game is announced here on PGD (unless it's a Pascal developer talking about a non-Pascal game they made in the 'Off-Topic' forums) it's 1001% made using Pascal.

      The whole Drawn series is made using Delphi and Free Pascal to port it to the Mac and iOS.