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    Here is a fan-made remake of an older game called Knights & Merchants Remake that has progressed significantly over the last several months. The game is made to compile under both Delphi and Lazarus and is available as open source as well as a distributed binary for Windows XP or higher.

    Graphics make use of OpenGL 1.2 and OpenAL, which you will need to download the drivers to unless they are already pre-installed.

    The creators of the game have also established a dedicated server which you can join up with other players and play the game with. The current release is only a multiplayer demo, but work still progresses on it.

    You can check out this title at www.kamremake.com.

    Object Pascal source is available directly at code.google.com.

    Knights and Merchants Remake Trailer
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    1. Daikrys's Avatar
      Daikrys -
      how cool, i love this game (i own three copies already =) )
    1. SilverWarior's Avatar
      SilverWarior -
      I hope they will also fix several poorly implemented things in the original game like:
      1. Troop managment, making easier to manage troop formations, ability for different troop stands (stand ground, defensive, agresive), making troops to automaticly go back into formation when the formation was broken when they some troops have to move for other units to pas trough
      2. Improve serfs AI to prevent them for stucking so easily, preventing a serf from wich is far away takinga job before the one that is closer, or. enable a feture that when a serf finishes a one job can take another job wich is close by him even if another serf is already on the way to this job. With this managing large economy would be definitly a lot easier.

      These things prevented the original game to become much more sucsessful that it was.