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  • PGD is Back Online

    Hello boys and girls! Well mostly boys, but still. We are back up and running on our brand new state of the art servers. We have been on the old servers for some time and though they served us well, we have come to outgrow them.

    Limited file space and bandwidth just doesn't work for us anymore as the site has gotten much busier and grown to be quite huge in size.

    We have some sites that we still host and some others we would like to add to the PGD inner circle so it is nice to be finally able to do so after all this time.

    So without getting too long-winded welcome back long-time members and come and sign-up new members and join in on the fun as we move onward with the next big event for the PGD community... The 2nd PGD Challenge!

    Happy coding, we'll talk again soon!

    Jason McMillen
    Pascal Game Development
    Webmaster & Co-Founder
    Comments 8 Comments
    1. Carver413's Avatar
      Carver413 -
      welcome back, it's been a long week with no PGD
    1. Daikrys's Avatar
      Daikrys -
      finally welcome back :>
    1. Darthman's Avatar
      Darthman -
      At last! Welcome back!
    1. de_jean_7777's Avatar
      de_jean_7777 -
      Yay! This is wonderful.
    1. Eric's Avatar
      Eric -
    1. Relfos's Avatar
      Relfos -
      Welcome back
    1. code_glitch's Avatar
      code_glitch -
      Well, some good news to greet my newly found post-exam free time! From now on it looks like I should have plenty more time to contribute to PGD
    1. Ñuño Martínez's Avatar
      Ñuño Martínez -
      I miss it.