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  • Chris Shows Us How A* Is Done

    Student Christopher Winward has made use of the A* algorithm to show us how we can use it for path-finding in a non-grid based layout. His implementation of this path finding demo makes use of the concept of nodes to form the map. This is another contribution to the Pascal Programming for Schools project website and is freely available for use with source.

    A* is a common algorithm used in path-finding AI. There are many others, but it is amoung the most used in games for it's quicker results and simplicity of implementation into the code. The technique relise heavily on recursion and the use of a map created as a grid or series of nodes as shown here in Christopher's example program.

    Lazarus was use to write the code with SDL for graphics. Full source is on the PP4S website at www.pp4s.co.uk.
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    1. Matthias's Avatar
      Matthias -
      Good job, it helps a lot to see what the algorithm is doing, especially if one is new to it.