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  • 2nd PGD Challenge Official Announcement

    In a couple of weeks we are going to start the next PGD Challenge with a brand new theme. As promised it will be simple, yet fun for creating ideas. The development period will last about 4 weeks, plus a weekend to wrap things up. All are welcome to participate.

    We have 2 judges for this one and we will have their specs by the time the big starting day announcement will be posted.

    Promotional poster you can use to post about the PGD Challenge on your site and help increase the interest in these mini competitions for game developers using Pascal. Start spreading the word and getting all your Pascal programming buddies involved. Last year we ran the first and it was really successful and I hope to repeat the same. All those that said they wouldn't want to miss another competition this is it. Entries don't have to be fully complete or polished to commercial standard, just playable and follow the theme. Scoring will be just the same as the first and bonus points will be included for those willing to do a little extra.

    It's going to be a lot of fun. There is lots of possibilities from the theme I've picked and I hope you will have fun with it.

    All game entries must be made using a Pascal-based programming language or they will be disqualified. The game can take advanatage of any game library or API written in another language, but the core of the game must be written in a Pascal-based language.

    Allowed Pascal-based Languages:
    - Pascal (aka Classic Pascal, Borland Pascal, etc)
    - Object Pascal (called "Delphi language" by some)
    - Objective-Pascal
    - Oxygene (new language based on Object Pascal)

    Key Development tools that support the above languages:
    - Delphi
    - Free Pascal
    - Lazarus
    - Prism (Oxygene for .NET)
    - Oxygene for Java
    - Smart Mobile Studio

    To be scored both judges need to support the platform you have submitted the game for.

    Platforms judges can both support are:
    - Windows
    - Mac OS X
    - Java byte-code (created by Oxygene for Java)
    - HTML5/JavaScript (created by Smart Mobile Studio)

    Full details will be announced on the start date right here on the PGD community website!

    Russian translated announcement on Russian IGDC website!

    Translated Promotional Posters (German left, Russian right)
    Comments 57 Comments
    1. WILL's Avatar
      WILL -
      I should note that I am currently working on a showcase website for the PGD Challenge so that you can all play all the games that have been submitted in the past in previous challenges.
    1. Relfos's Avatar
      Relfos -
      I'm going to enter, waiting for the details
    1. code_glitch's Avatar
      code_glitch -
      Just tell us when
    1. cairnswm's Avatar
      cairnswm -
      On facebook it is marked as: March 30 at 12:00am until April 30 at 12:00am
    1. paul_nicholls's Avatar
      paul_nicholls -
      I will be missing out on a bit of that time - I will be on holidays between 1 - 9 April
    1. Ñuño Martínez's Avatar
      Ñuño Martínez -
      I think I'll be in.

      Paul: Can't you do some game designing while you're on hollydays?
    1. WILL's Avatar
      WILL -
      Quote Originally Posted by code_glitch View Post
      Just tell us when
      ...but I just did.

      Quote Originally Posted by cairnswm View Post
      On facebook it is marked as: March 30 at 12:00am until April 30 at 12:00am
      Yeah that's a limitation of Facebook's date formats. 12:00am is also 0000hrs for that day. Basically from the announcement on March 30th (it'll be a little later than the first minute of the day) until April 29th at midnight. Much like the 1st mini competition, I *may* not get the exact hour right so if the server should just *happen* to be still up say a day or so after the fact then I guess you didn't miss the deadline did you?

      I want this mini competition to be flexibility. An extra day won't help to give much of an advantage, yet it could make the difference of sorting out an error in archiving and putting together everything needed for your entry so that it's uploaded properly. Also I know many of you have school and work that takes you away from such activities so it help to have the extra leniency.

      Quote Originally Posted by paul_nicholls View Post
      I will be missing out on a bit of that time - I will be on holidays between 1 - 9 April
      That's ok. I'm sure that you can still make a nice entry with only 3 weeks, but the extra week would help. In any case a partial entry is just as good if that's all you can afford in time.
    1. WILL's Avatar
      WILL -
      Oh and I should note that I've finally locked in your judges. Jim McKeeth will be joined with Johannes Stein who will be returning to judge again. You'll have both of their hardware specs at the start of the competition. Linux may be added to the list of supported platforms pending their ability to get a machine up and running.
    1. WILL's Avatar
      WILL -
      ...and I've added the promotional poster for you all to make use of on your blogs, websites, and so on to help spread the word about the competition. Get excited, tell everyone, get them excited.

      I love these mini competitions.
    1. paul_nicholls's Avatar
      paul_nicholls -
      Quote Originally Posted by Ñuño Martínez View Post
      Paul: Can't you do some game designing while you're on hollydays?
      No, I will be with my family and have no computer...
    1. WILL's Avatar
      WILL -
      Well at least you have the first 2 days to plan ideas and the first week or so to think about ideas. Family needing your full attention pending.

      Of course if you took a pad of paper with you you could draw out your ideas. There are times in my travels with work that I do this. I've gotten a laptop to work now, but I found it refreshing and great for getting ideas out to just work with pencil and paper for a bit. I've used this for story writing, game design, UI design, etc... as long as you have that sit down time to think and write.

      It also makes great illustration fodder for magazine articles, but that doesn't help you at all. lol
    1. paul_nicholls's Avatar
      paul_nicholls -
      Thanks for the ideas Jason
      I will see if this works for me...
    1. de_jean_7777's Avatar
      de_jean_7777 -
      I'll take a jab at this too. It will be my first participation in a competition. Should make some planned improvements to my engine before the competition starts, so I don't waste time fixing the engine instead of making a game
    1. Eric's Avatar
      Eric -
      Reposted the announce!
    1. Cybermonkey's Avatar
      Cybermonkey -
      Maybe this time I can participate. That depends on time and/or theme ...
    1. Ñuño Martínez's Avatar
      Ñuño Martínez -
    1. wagenheimer's Avatar
      wagenheimer -
      Well... Like always I don't have any free time, , but I will try to participate this time! =)
    1. WILL's Avatar
      WILL -
      Awesome! I will look forward to seeing what you guys come up with.

      Do I have you on Twitter Nuno?

      Cezar, I'm not sure if I sent you a Facebook invite for the event?

      Oh and please folks don't get too hung up on the bonus points this time. They aren't worth quite as much as before and they will not significantly alter your entry's gameplay. I learned my lesson from the first.
    1. Mirage's Avatar
      Mirage -
      I'll free up some time to participate this time.
      With something simple yet playable.
    1. Daikrys's Avatar
      Daikrys -
      im not sure if i have time cause some things came up lately :/

      and no this time i wouldnt make my gamedesign around the bonuspoints ;>