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  • Apesuite SVG Racing Game Demo

    Jason Southwell of Sivv has written a small racing game demo made using the Apesuite component suite for Delphi XE2's new FireMonkey framework. They are currently working on Beta 5. It includes SVG graphics rendering, a ribbon-like Pagebar, vector playing cards, a URL aware image component with built-in animations, run-time forum designer and a component enabling system tray icon functionality that functions across platforms.

    The racing game demo is said to be very rudimentary, but is meant to show off the capabilities of their SVG drawing using FireMonkey. There are many small bugs and glitches, but it's interesting at least. You can download the demo archived with both the Windows and Mac versions from the Sivv website.

    Check out the SVG racing game demo and Apesuite yourself at arcana.sivv.com.

    Apesuite SVG Racing Game Demo
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    1. paul_nicholls's Avatar
      paul_nicholls -
      Neato! That looks pretty cool