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  • JT from Embarcadero Writes About Future of Delphi on Moble Platforms Post-XE3

    A public blog from JT of Embarcadero talks about what Delphi (and the rest of the tools) users will have to look forward to after XE3, mainly about mobile platforms. There are plans for iOS and Android after XE3, but what about in this next release where they have removed external Free Pascal compiler and Xcode support since Delphi XE2?
    Embarcadero has taken a lot of critisism from the indie and game development community, along with it's primary GUI-based application and business software design crowd for it's lack of native platform support of the IDE and tools, but also it's ability to perform on promises of performance and development ease for new platforms.

    Delphi XE2 introduced the ability to use FireMonkey with Free Pascal or Xcode to put your programs onto iOS, with some special rigging and moving around of code and other files. Mac development was also newly introduced, but you have to use 3rd party client/server software that wasn't exactly as straightforward as a native IDE/compiler suite that could be ran right on your Mac development computer.

    Such things have been a floating frustration for Delphi users wanting to either make their games for Mac or the new mobile games market. A failing that has seen us game developers looking for a solution in other software authoring tools such as Free Pascal and RemObject's Oxygene for Java tools.

    Indie games have been the hot thing in the last few years as the markets created by Apple and Google have allowed the app developers to set their own price and get their games out to their end users without the messy haggling with publishers and marketing people. Instead they have a single point of contact for each of the two major platforms they wish to get their game out on.

    As Embarcadero likes to keep much of their future development and release information under a maximum security style lock and key until they are ready to announce everything, we cannot be sure that we've heard everything that XE3 will be, yet the future of Delphi might not be so bleak as it has been looking over the last year since the XE2 announcement with it's lack of cross-platform development for it's Starter Editions.

    Read JT's Blog and what little information that has been released from Embarcadero here: http://www.delphifeeds.com/go/t/95322

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      Look forward to see what they bring to the table with XE3