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  • Smart Contest 2013: Round 1 "Graphics" Rules Announced

    The first of four competitions using the Smart Mobile Studio development tool by Optimale Systemer has begun. Smart (for short) will compile Object Pascal source into HTML 5 compatible JavaScript and HTML apps that you can deploy for any web browser or web-based mobile app.

    The first contest is all about Graphics Programming and it takes inspirations from fractal art, the European demoscene and just about any other cool visual stuff you can do on a computer. Deadline for registration is February 10th and submissions must be in by March 1st!

    Inspirational Imagry

    The rules as taken from their official post:
    The rules are as follows:

    • Registration before the 10th of February (registration at contest@smartmobilestudio.com)
    • Deliver your contribution before 1st of March
    • Games are not accepted this round (that’s scheduled for a later date)
    • User interaction is allowed (but not mandatory)
    • Porting of retro demos is allowed (providing it is a clean rewrite)
    • JavaScript snippets are allowed (within limits)

    There is mention that games will be a future round in their series of contests, but that they will not be accepted for this one! Keep this is mind all those that were thinking of submitting a game.

    Combination demoparty and LAN partyAll those unfamiliar with how a graphics demo would work might want to check out this link for more information or to check out some demos over here as examples.

    It's worth noting that the PC demoscene was a huge thing back in the 90s and really helped to push the way for programmers to learn new techniques for graphics programming. Lots can be learned by reading up on it and seeing some of the cool things they could do on the very limited computer hardware and software compilers of the time.

    One of My Personal Favorite "Intros" Fishtro by Future Crew

    Here is another great example of what your entry could look like: http://xplsv.com/prods/demos/xplsv_orsotheysay/ (JavaScript based graphics demo)

    Prizes offered are your choice of one of these prizes:
    • iPhone
    • iPad
    • iPad mini
    • Windows Tablet
    • Windows phone
    • Android tablet or phone

    There will be two judges of whom are Primož Gabrijelčič and Christian Budde. You can read more about them and their bios here.

    And lastly, but definitely not of least importance, the delivery of your entries should "be delivered in full source and binary with no missing pieces" and compile based on the current 1.1 branch of Smart Mobile Studio.

    For a full detail set of rules an instructions as they were posted by Optimale Systemer, visit www.smartmobilestudio.com!

    News Source: Optimale Systemer
    Comments 2 Comments
    1. paul_nicholls's Avatar
      paul_nicholls -
      I'm giving it a go
    1. SilverWarior's Avatar
      SilverWarior -
      Paul I wish you a good luck in your try. And offcourse to everybody else who will participate.
      I myself will pas this one since graphics are my weak point