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  • Kotai has Been Busy Remaking

    Kotai has become known for his remakes of popular games. Recently he has been making progress on his four top projects; Bubble Bobble Online, Castlevania Online, Nemesis Online and of course Mini Racing Online.

    Mini Racing Online

    This is the most popular project of his and it even has it's own gathering of players that have formed a community around it. RC6 has been released featuring fixes to allow fueling in championship mode, new options in the editor for animations and new improved collision detect methods. F1 bots have also been updated with some help from one of his testers.

    Get it at www.miniracingonline.com.

    Mini Racing Online promotional video

    Castlevania Online

    Still one of the newest of his projects, it's need receiving the most attention it seems. Now at test version 0.10, it already features a dynamic level called "Haunted Castle 1" with lots of cool pickups, monsters and an end boss. Worth checking out.

    Get it at www.remakesonline.com/castlevania.

    Castlevania Online gameplay video

    Nemesis Online

    This is one of Kotai's oldest and most mature remake projects. A newer and more stable version has been released, version 0.47A. Also "The Escape Part II" stage has been updated and a new stage "Frozen Summit" has been added.

    Get it at www.remakesonline.com/nemesis.

    Nemesis Online gameplay video

    Bubble Bobble Online

    Unfortunately, not too much has been done to this one, but it warrants listing. It is still at version alpha 0.1, but it has been recently covered by a Spanish magazine for this and all the rest of his games. It's in Spanish, but if you read the language or just want to see the cool layout of the article, you can get it at retromaniacmagazine.blogspot.com. Look for the 6-page article on page 90.

    You can get Bubble Bobble Online at www.remakesonline.com/bubble.

    Bubble Bobble Online gameplay video

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    1. kotai's Avatar
      kotai -
      Thank you for the announcement.

      Bubble Bobble is waiting to I change my 2D motor from DelphiX to SDL.
    1. kotai's Avatar
      kotai -
      New version of Bubble Bobble and Nemesis in www.remakesonline.com
    1. kotai's Avatar
      kotai -
      I have new remake: Penguin Adventure Online in www.remakesonline.com
    1. WILL's Avatar
      WILL -
      Hey I remember that game! Based off an old NES game if I recall?
    1. kotai's Avatar
      kotai -
      The game is Base in MSX Konami game "Penguin Adventure" in 1986.

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