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  • Allegro.pas 4.4.5 released

    After almost 3 years, a new version of the Allegro.pas game library is available from its download page.

    This version has some API modifications, as well as a lot of improvements that makes it faster (and sometimes smaller) executables. Most important changes from version 4.4.4 below:
    • New functions and procedures that detects system stuff at runtime, and new units for Windows and UNIX specifics.
    • New BOOLEAN type that allows better integration with library.
    • Use of ARRAYs and VAR/OUT on parameters, that allows to reduce executable sizes and faster execution, and a side effect is reduction of HINT and WARNING lines while compilation!
    • Several bug fixes in demo game, al_apply_matrix_f and al_pack_fseek functions and in examples.
    • A lot of changes on documentation.

    Also note that in near future I'll move TRUNK to BRANCHES/4.4, and BRANCHES/5.0 to TRUNK. This doesn't mean that I'll forget version 4.4: I'll update it if I find bugs or somebody sends me interesting patches or additions, but it's time to take version 5.0 seriously.

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      Nice work mate

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      Nice work mate