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  • Lambda Rouge: The Book of Stars

    This game, based on the classic rogue-like genre, is not really new, however it has gone through many improvements since it's first initial release. If you are planning a long RPG project, this is likely one of the ways to do it.

    Story Synopsis: "Since centuries, mankind vegetates beyond the surface of Earth. Now you have been sent out by Ahna, the priestess of the Temple of Enoa, to the depths of mankind's caves to regain the »Book of Stars«. This book, they say, offers redemption for mankind's fate, leading them back to Earth and into space."

    Lambda Rouge is a turn-based RPG where you explore randomly generated dungeons, fighting all kinds of monsters and an evil goddess called Eris. During your many adventures in this world you will encounter NPC characters that have quests for you, find treasure and weapons to aid you in your quest to discover more about the history of mankind and 'The Book of Stars.' You can start your game with preset characters or customize your own to level up.

    Game Screenshots

    The game is made with Free Pascal and is available on Windows and Linux, with a Mac OS X version in the works. You can keep up with the latest improvements to this game on their weblog.

    The story is quite in-depth and the visual quality is high so go check out this game at www.lambdarogue.net.

    Lambda Rouge promotional video