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  • MIDletPascal 3.2 Alpha Released

    MIDlet Pascal is a Pascal to J2ME platform cross-compiler for Windows that lets you create applications for mobile devices such as Java-ran Cell phones. A BlackBerry smart phone, for example. It is open source and free for use and currently supports many different devices.

    Many developers were overjoyed to hear that MIDlet Pascal was going to be turned into an open source tool. The reason behind the choice for the future of the Pascal to J2ME compiler, by creator Niksa Orlic was due to a lack of future interest and maintainability of the project's previous home site. So it has been since released for others to work on and has had a couple of releases starting with version 3.0. The name MIDlet Pascal was kept out of respect for it's original creator.

    The latest release is version 3.2 Alpha on the 25th of September.

    There unfortunately has not been much in the way of documentation outside of the sourceforge repository, but hopefully soon there will be something to keep track of the on-going progress.

    You can check out the new open source MIDlet Pascal compiler at www.sourceforge.net.
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    1. arthurprs's Avatar
      arthurprs -
      Nice to hear that MIDletPascal is alive, i remember when the original developers abandoned the project.
    1. WILL's Avatar
      WILL -
      It appears to be receiving regular attention these days, however there hasn't been much of that towards documentation. I assume that they figure there is already enough out there, but it's healthy it keep those documents up to date and close to the releases of the actual tools. However they may be included in the installation package, but I've not downloaded and ran the installer as it's for Windows and I've been limiting my Windows development to Lazarus for now.
    1. chronozphere's Avatar
      chronozphere -
      Wow... I heard that name before but I didn't know that it compiled to J2ME. That sounds really interesting to me actually.