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    Proximal Studios is holding a demo competition for those that use OpenGL they call the Demo Challenge. For the month of October 2010 the theme is Autumn. The challenge is to make at least a one minute long demo where leaves fall through the air. The idea being that leaf physics aren't overly easy to simulate.

    From the site:
    Autumn is a season remarkable for the vibrant colour of tree leaves. Realistically modelling leaf movement on a tree can be challenging but leaves that have detached from the tree and are blowing in the wind can be approximated with a particle system. With this in mind, try writing a demo for this month's Demo Challenge that models the movement of leaves through the air.

    Autumn is also a time of decay, which lends itself to ghoulish Halloween themes. You might want to focus on a Halloween based demo if it gets you in a creative mood.

    Example Video for Challenge Competition

    They do provide a challenge pack availible for either Code::Blocks or Visual Studio, however you don't have to use it at all and all platforms are accepted. You can use your own framework and the NeHe website was also listed as an option.

    Deadline for the October challenge is midnight October 31st. Voting will take place between November 1st to the 15th.

    for those that are interested or want to know what a 'demo' is all about you should check out their website at demochronicles.mccolm.org!

    Not enough time, did we catch you too late to make an entry for this one? That's okay, they've given us all a heads up for the next six themes...

    November is Crystals, December is Particles, January 2011 is Fireworks, February 2011 is Reflections, March 2011 is Electricity and April 2011 will be Space.
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    1. chronozphere's Avatar
      chronozphere -
      That's pretty cool.

      Indeed, the Oct 31 deadline is way too soon. However, the other themes seem intereting too. I should however be carefull. I allready have enough projects that really need to be finished.