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  • Dage 0.5.0 Has a Ton of New Features

    Pauli Suuraho has released Dage 0.5.0 (beta) a few weeks ago, jam packed with lots of new features. Dage is a 3D adventure game design toolset developed with Delphi and Free Pascal that uses the GLScene, Lua and Audire libraries. To help show off all the new features of the latest version, he has released a series of video tutorials that should best present them to you. Along with all of this the website has also gotten a rather large upgrade as well. Lots of exciting changes going on with this project.

    Dage is available on both Windows and Ubuntu Linux with a Mac OS X version available in the works. The 0.5.0 version does however break compatibility with the older 0.4.0 version as a trade-off to all the new features. Animation has been unified with the TAnimation class and a preloader is now used for loading content. Physics has also been added or at least beefed up using Newton Game Dynamics and objects can now be parented together.

    Another one of these new features is a new font engine allowing uni-code for multiple languages. Video playback is also now available and the collision system has also been completely changed.

    Unicode Fonts; Greek (left) & Japanese (right)

    A new set of tools called 'Coira' will also be released soon which is a set of 3D adventure game making tools. Not much about them on the site just yet, but hopefully soon there will be some documentation and a direct download for them.

    Get Dage 0.5.0 (beta) or read all about it at www.dageport.com!

    Latest changes for 0.5.0 are offered in the site' forums here or follow along with the development on Pauli's blog here.