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  • Dachinko Released!

    Gamecask, the development team who brought us Knight of Dulcinea has released their latest title Dachinko. This new casual game title for Windows is based on the old pachinko machines of ancient asia. You know, those little flat plastic boxes with the metal balls and the holes you had to put them into? Yeah those!

    The game features fifty five unique machines along with a few others in a bonus mode. They are broken down into six stages that when you complete them you are rewarded with a cool Chinese shadow theater performance. The developers guarantee hours of fun with beautiful graphics and high quality sound and music.

    A demo is available on their website so you can try before you buy the game. The full version is listed at $6.99 US Dollars through share*it! (Digital River.)

    Check it out at Gamecask.com!
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    1. mobilus's Avatar
      mobilus -
      Thanks for this news WILL
    1. Wizard's Avatar
      Wizard -
      This is a beautiful game! Thumbs UP!!!