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Excitement returns to the PGD community!

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Hey folks!

I just wanted to post some of the cool things that I'll be doing over the next couple of months as my plan to help promote and inject some honest to goodness fun into our beloved community here. PGD has a six year history --nine years if you count the Delphi Gamer years-- of showing you just how fun it is to make games with Pascal. It's had some pretty exciting events like the PGD Annual game developer's competitions, many people have made and published their own independent game titles, we've had a couple of developer magazine titles popup on the web too --Yeah I know one of them is of my own design, but it counts too-- and we've had countless translated APIs, game libraries, 3D engines, sprite engines, tile engines, sample sources and tutorials published by many many members of the greater community all in the interest of having fun making games. So lets keep that going and do some more exciting stuff in the years to come. Here is my plan.

News Posts: Yup, as you have noticed, I've already started with the few you can see on the front page of PGD. There is more to come. I'm going to bring the front page of PGD back to the days when every other day or so there was a news post or two, and some times three! You're gonna love our front page again.

And you can now help with the new site software, just click on "Go!" besides the "Create Article" box in the top-right of the front page and write.

Blogs: You're reading it! I'm going to write here about all the cool new stuff that is happening in the community. From the next issue of Pascal Gamer, the next game competition to what-ever-else I can come up with. I'll keep you up to date here.

Plus you can blog too. If you haven't blogged or even if already have a blog PGD's blogs will be more active and exciting. You'll be blogging to actualy developers not just dog enthusiasts and aspiring chiefs. They don't care about your code, but we do.

PGD Staff is now Hiring: Yes you can help by becoming a Staff Member. PGD needs new blood and that blood is you. Interested in joining the ranks of the Staff? Then send me a PM or just post your interest here in this thread. I'll get back to you. We need Moderators for the forums and blogs. Plus we will need News Reporters to make regular posts about the various on-goings around the net. There is lots of stuff going on out there, you just have to go out and find it. Also we now have a huge empty area that could use a few good tutorials and lessons. Sure we'll be placing some material from the old libraries of the past PGD sites, but whats an article section without new fresh articles. We also need some writers and you are more than welcome to help out with that too.

Advertising: We need to draw more attention to ourselves. We've been too quiet for far too long. I say we riot-err-advertise what we are doing. Some of this stuff is just far too cool to keep bottled up so with the help of donations and some artisitic tallent, we shall start to advertise outside of the PGD web domain. Google has a great ad system that I will be looking into and I've made some connections in the past with other communities and sites that I'm sure would cherish the opportunity to cross promote each other.

T-Shirts with cool PGD logos: Didn't you want a cool t-shirt with a PGD logo by now? I'm sure we can make this happen. Maybe I can make some up for the Free Pascal and Lazarus teams to take to Linux Tag with them next time they go? However before I start all this, I should really see what kinds of things you would all like. Hats, buttons, shirts, jackets anybody? Ok, some planning has to go into this further, but it's in the brain-box.

Well that's all of my master plans I'm going to reveal for now. You'll just have to come back and keep an eye out.

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  1. dazappa's Avatar
    I wouldn't go overboard with the merchandise idea, and to be perfectly hones I'd probably only buy a t-shirt and a button. Hats/jackets/coffee mugs/mouse pads are all a bit too odd..
  2. WILL's Avatar
    Ok maybe a jacket is too far, maybe even a ball cap, but who wouldn't want a mouse pad or maybe even a coffee mug? Our PGD Annual winners love their prize mugs.
  3. arthurprs's Avatar
    Hi Will, i'm glad that you are back, we are already seeing the changes
    I don't post like before but i still visit de community everyday ^^
    Btw, i donated a few bucks today, i hope it helps on the new software costs.
    Updated 15-09-2010 at 11:38 PM by arthurprs
  4. WILL's Avatar
    Hey, great to hear Arthur. Thanks! BTW, if you spot any news worthy stuff out there, be sure to let me know ok? And don't forget to say "hi" every so often or vote on polls too every once in a while. (We've made it easier to do all that stuff.)