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Helios - and low level pascal

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Well, looks like time is going to be on my side for the next few weeks so I figured I'd just drop a line in to PGD for the summary of whats been going on these past weeks (months!?)...

Internet in the UK - Plastic box routers that look like they should contain pop tarts (bar the cat poopin magic rainbows) seem to perform as such and as a result the faithful old Livebox 1.1 has had to be barred from the house after 5 of them failed in weeks of each other - Orange and BT blamed our cables so I sent them packing... Now its back to some old(er) technology in the form of an outdated but rock solid Shiro DSL805e hooked up to a WNR100v2 from netgear. In english, thats an old faithful modem we brought back from south africa that now syncs at a cozy 18-20mbps and a cheap as chips 150mbps N router to pipe it all out to us. As easy and straightforward s that sounds theres 6 weeks right there ... And when I told them it wasn't my wiring they still didnt listen

Past Exams - hey, its first results day thursday so that went well... More to come though so I'll be having some more time out soon unfortunately

Prometheus - Yep, this one is STILL in the works. I've cleaned up the GL and some relevant docs are ready to be passed through fpdoc for publication, so yay. I can now say the graphics are now workable although my interpretation of XLib and X11 could use some refining - so if theres a good book out there please drop a line below Win32 and Mac can make do with SDL for now, but something permanent would be very nice...

PGD challenge - looking forward to it. Period. It'll be prometheus powered and hopefully that'll be more field experience with it for more tuning and development. Oh, did I mention I'm reading Andrus source to make it (sort of) integrate with ZenGL, think fonts so far, so now resources fit together - Andru, credit where its due, there sure is some insanely good code in ZenGL...

Helios - Yes, the little article that took FPC back to the bare metal. Well, I've had an idea after poking around my network and finding I have aeons of CPU time to burn so I might just get a diary of that focusing on getting a command line and some script language together - thinking something for number crunching on gargantuan scales could be fun since I have some code for that kind of thing already

So yeah, lots of smileys, happy times - work, but happy. I'll be keeping a small log going and if I ever get a playable game out of my prototypes, I'll see if I can get a write up in the tutorial section. Now about that photo for the PGD page will wanted......................

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