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Back into games and... stuff...

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Well its sure been a while since we've seen a blog post round here, and even longer since I last went up and wrote something... Reminds me theres that game tutorial I need to write up for the article pages along with a potential followup to that little OS development spiel I did a while back, but on a slightly broader platform...

So anyways, what have I been up to these past months? Nothing special other than the culmination of the 5 final years of compulsory education and college entries and the like with results returning 2 odd weeks ago and all the follow-up parties after (Oh yeah ). In all, slacking paid off for me there with a smattering of A*s, a good bundle of As and the one lonely B (music... speaks for itself XD). On the other hand this approach does not seem to be working for my code...

So at any rate after my return to the UK from a months stay over in Brittany I figured I might log onto the prometheis sourceforge page for the horror of seeing some now really old code. And then more horror to find the odd lost sould grabbing a copy every few days. Petrifying news given the number of known bugs I'd left it with

Still, on a more serious note I can say that although code has not progressed much, other areas have, since the last checkin I have a barebones OS which is hella fast at low level maths if you need to process large files with a basic algorithm, the workings of my own linux distribution all set with custom scripts, themes, configurations and nice fixes to make it work how I want it, a home SVN server for keeping tabs on your personal codebas (yes I do think this might be article material though it is VERY easy to setup i you google around) a whammy of unfinished projects - courtesy of some heavy experimentation going on in each one - and a need for a new router, monitor and storage space... Fun times

Though its a relief to see those new captchas captching those spammers, only a dozen or so a day at peak times so a "GREAT JOB!!!" is due to WILL and Athena as well as everyone else helping out to help keep PGD clean

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