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An Indroduction

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Hello PGD.
A little about myself, as a young man and while in college I worked for my father’s construction company. In my first summer I came to understand the importance of a foundation, the intricacies of electrical and plumbing systems, the importance of use of space and the joy of creation.
I now bring that understanding to this new journey. I have begun to read what I can find at my local library, I hope I can get by without the need to take college classes. My 3 year old would be disappointed. I hope and believe that I can find everything I need via the internet.
Why am I interested in Pascal game programming? In the quiet of the night I enjoy playing a certain open source strategy/simulator game. And while it is challenging and addictive I came to the opinion that it needed some tweaking. So, after reading hundreds of forum posts, asking some question, being reprimanded for sending private messages, and being told that ideas I had would require “too much” coding and the game was “not within my vision” I decide to look for a new game. I did indeed find a couple of other games but they too were lacking. My first question was that if all three games where open source, players posted to the same forum board and they were all written in the same language then why not combine them, to create the ultimate game. You would have thought I was Armageddon incarnate. I was politely informed that unification would never happen.
So, I decided to take on the task myself. After all what else do I have to do with my time after every one has gone to bed.
And, I just happen to have a good friend who has a commercial chess training program so I asked him for advice. He started rattling off these reason…which went way over my head…as to why he felt Pascal was a better platform. Well I say to myself if I am going to learn a language I might as well learn one that has structure and…one where I have some local guidance.
So, in the coming months forgive me if I misuse terms while I learn and feel free to input your suggestions if you desire.
More to come…

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    Nice intro, and enjoy your stay here