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Quixote 1

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So as I begin this journey this is my line of thinking..
The game is played on the surface so I want a 3d representation of our planet. I have found that several organizations will provide the data to create a 3d representation and I have found sites that have overlays for city names. I want to be able to start the game by seeing the whole planet and then zoom in to street level much like openstreetmap, but without the actual streets showing up.
So, I am teaching myself about terrain engines and how they are implemented in the code.
The game also has an aspect of money changing hands for various reasons. So I need a database. I do not want to shove frontaccounting into the game but I will need to create a simple spreadsheet to track finances. And of course there will be items to be purchased which will need to be tracked.
So I need to learn about databases engines.
The game I am playing uses sprites for everything. Sprites what are they and does Pascal use them or is there an equivalent item.
These are the first three things I need to learn …I know I need to learn other more basic stuff also… but if you have some guidance on these three important subjects, or an easily understandable explanation why I need to focus elsewhere please let me know.

Until later…..

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