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On the road with Blaise

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So, I am looking and looking and looking but I can not find any publications, blogs, forums, tutorials on how to build a planet. Every time I search I find all kinds of info projects to put a globe into a C++ application but nothing in Pascal.
One of the demos for Final3D has what appears to be a sphere but of course the demo does not allow any direct manipulation of the sphere so I have no idea what it is capable of.
Is there any body who has knowledge of a solution to this issue?
BTW I did see a PDF about imbedding C++ code into Pascal and I would rather not do that. I already have the daunting task of learning Pascal the last thing I want to do is learn C++ and then the skills to overcome the conflicts.
I will be discussing this with my Pascal programming friend in the coming days but would like to explore all possible opinions.
Until later,

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  1. code_glitch's Avatar
    If by 'generate a planet' you mean the textures which you could use to shade a gl sphere type object you could look here -

    As for the C++ vs Pascal thing, its a religious war some seem to think we have lost for good reason and thus all but a minority of things are published in pascal and are usually C or its dialects. Picking up some C so that you can port or at least make and sense of what their code does is, in my opinion, highly recommended.
  2. whtemple1959's Avatar
    Thanks for the reply. I am sure I can be clearer.
    My primary goal is to have a terrain in which the character can travel in any direction and return to their starting point. It has been my experience that on a flat game space when you get to the edge there is no where else to go, of course this is based on the 2D game I enjoy playing. Further more on a flat map going in a "northerly" direction would not result in a true path. There would need to be some programming which say if I left from St Louis, Mo, USA my path would take me off the edge bring me back on above Europe, take me back off in South Africa and bring me back on in South America. To achieve this I believe I need a sphere. Unless you gaming wizards have resolved this issue in some other way. In which case I would like to know the secret.
    As for understanding the C to translate it into Pascal I may have to lean on my programming friend to achieve my vision. Although if I ever get a solid handle on what I am doing in Pascal I may be able to just do it all with out translation...My friend thinks so.
    Any way thanks again and stay tuned as the insanity conintues. If nothing else it will be good for some chuckles.