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Meanwhile... In Southern England...

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Well I've been doing lots of code recently, but very little of it would appeal to PGD... All C/C++ and after 2 weeks of having to wake up, work and go to sleep to C's quirks, tantrums, and other such "specialities" my head feels like its about to explode...

So, whats all the sinning for? Well, the project relies on code as much as it does completely insane people - an attempt to develop and build a tiltrotor UAV with VTOL capabilities. Along the lines of a V22 Osprey but with a lot of design changes. Of course, the arduino's AVR chips just happen to only play 'nice' with the worst dialect of C in the history of the universe (as far as I know)...

As development presses on and costs start to push the current budget a site of data and goodies as well as donations and maybe even sponsor gear might be an eventuality... For now, its back to the team debate as to why the planes in C and everything else in pascal...

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  1. JSoftware's Avatar
    Up the ante, buy an ARM Cortex-M3 processor(STM32F103 is quite nice), and write in Pascal

    Doing that you get a 32bit ~72 MHz processor. You could even go up to Cortex-M4F which usually run around 100-190 MHz
  2. code_glitch's Avatar
    Sorry for such a late reply, middle of exam season and I've had piles of work to get through...

    The design decision for the updated flight computer due to reduced cost, redundancy and modularity was to distribute the systems accross many ATMega 328s networked over I2C. However, I did get a pure C team to look at the support programs for flight data analysis and telemetry and such which I'd written in pascal to go 'wow' and convert them. One is currently over the moon about how easy and portable lazarus is, how readable the code is, how easy the migration was but most importantly - how powerful the fcl is

    Also got a few statements about how 'suprisingly' feature rich pascal is and how it takes out a lot of the unnecessary complexity of C based languages. Even have a handful of VB.Net users moving over.... Call it a victory perhaps?