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Exam time, Heinemann, ie6 and a useful fix...

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So its gotten to that time of year when people sitting A levels have to open text books and complete set work from them and their bundled CDs. Thats fine and although it took me a while to find those things and dust them off , they dont work on Linux. Or OS X. Or Windows 7.In fact they dont work on anything except ie6 and activex. Or ie7 in its vanilla state with no updates. Also with activex.

Now, its not that I couldnt get a VM, get XP installed on it, install the activex plugins and then copy over the iso, load it and use it that way but thats hardly a 'solution' now is it...

So after a bit of trawling on the internet I found a post on the ubuntu forums that found that some bits were broken because of a capitalization problem. (this post here by the way: The script in that thread lets you launch the solution bank - arguably the only useful thing on that CD. So I looked around in the firefox developer tools and found another nono that was causing all the pages to ome up blank. Some developer at whatever god-forsaken company made the software for these CDs used a backslash in a web address. Lets read that again: A developer but a BACKSLAH like "\" in a WEB ADDRESS.

Thankfully, said problem is an easy fix as its all in chapter sized xml indexes - so a quick rpl command fixes that one and then you have a fully working solutionbank that works on just about everything I've tested it on .

Since I've seen a whole heck of a lot of posts on the internet about this solutionbank giving people grief - I figured I might as well post it up on the internet for other people to use, hopefully someone here has or knows someone who has a solution bank needing fixing . As this is my only home for propper programming-related stuff on the internet, I figured I might as well leave it here .

As I'm apparently not allowed to attach a tar.gz file, heres a link that I think, works:

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