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Hi there

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Good to find a forum related to pascal. I'm writing software for a cards game - just for fun and without commercial interest but nevertheless with corona motivated ambition

I have a front-end server written in JavaScript and a backend-server written in Lazarus Pascal. Both need to send messages to each other. The data to be transferred are coded in JSON. I think Sockets could do the job. Does anybody has experience in such a scenario or could give me a hint how to achieve this. Would be very much appreciated!

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  1. hgbk's Avatar
    Actualy I'm not fixed to sockets. I'm just looking for a communication between a pascal server and a Javascript program. On the first sight sockets seemed to be a viable way. But maybe AJAX works as well?? In general I wonder why there isn't an easier way of doing this such as a "netread" and "netwrite" with parameters IPadr, content, errorcode??