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New engine features

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What's new in the Apus Game Engine:

Texture arrays. A texture array is similar to a 3D texture, but the array elements are indexed using integers. Texture arrays are useful for rendering objects with skins, tiles, etc. These arrays are more convenient and natural than texture atlases.

Manual mip-maps. Previously, the engine only supported auto-generated mip-map levels. Now the number and content of mip-levels can be set manually. It's especially convenient for visual debugging.

You can see how it works in the example project:

Combined shader files. Now we can have both vertex and fragment shader stored in a single file. I found this more convenient than having separate files for each shader type. So the engine try load a combined shader from *.glsl or *.shader file if possible, and then try *.fsh and *.vsh files.

Combined shader example:

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