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Hey all!

I've been taking a little trip around the internet lately looking for new and cool ways to promote PGD and get some more resources for our devote developers. One of the things I remember that the original PGD had was podcasts from the GDC Radio when it was quite active and free. I just bought myself a new iPod Shuffle, so I was also interested in getting back to some podcasts to listen to on my own time. I found a couple that I found quite interesting and figured why not put them up on the site so you can all get direct access to them from our favorite site.

The Game Developers Radio

A great podcast where you get the skinny on different topic to do with game development, including marketing, tools, resources and other great aspects. The last one was a great interview about Marketing using social networking sites with Manuel Saint-Victor creator of the Infinite Unity 3D website.

The Podcast at

I can't believe I haven't ran into this one yet, but has a pretty good podcast going. Obviously it's directly related to all things Delphi and is hosted by Jim McKeith, Developer Evangelist for RemObjects Software. The last couple of episodes were actually pretty darn good. The last was at Delphi Tage 2010 in Berlin, Germany There were a whole bunch of big name developers from Embarcadero and RemObjects Software, most notably David I., Sebastian Gingter, Marc Hoffman, Uwe Schuster and Daniel Wolf.

The one before that was with Simon Kissel who is the man behind the Cross Kylix project who talks a little bit about what he is currently working on and his plans for the future. He also talks about his controversial public letters between himself and Borland over their Kylix product.

So these are pretty good and they are current with episodes released regularly. Most importantly, they are free. For those of you who have iTunes you can subscribe to each of them. I may put up more if I find any thing as good or better then these, but for now please try them out and enjoy.


Well I haven't done much with Facebook or many of the other social networking sites in a long time, but after listening to one of these podcasts about marketing, it made me think a little bit. If independent game developers have to do these things to get exposure for their 'brands' well then obviously we probably should too. PGD as a brand really hasn't done much for it's self in the last couple of years, which is something I'd like to change. I've stated before that my plans for the new site would include advertising, but I haven't touched on social networking sites until now. I have just opened up a Facebook group that anyone using who has a Facebook account can now join. It will also give potential new Pascal developers a connection into game making, something I've heard whispers about on the net at various random non-gaming Pascal sites.

So a few more things going on the backend of PGD. If you have any more ideas or suggestions please feel free to post them to us in the forums or via PM.

New PGD Website Logo

With the creation of the new website I was thinking of putting up a new logo to go with it, but I never got to working it into the site's design. Instead I suppose it'll have to serve as an advertising brand that we'll start to promote. Feel free to download it yourself and use it on your own sites where you have the space.

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