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Mega Man Creator Leaves Capcom

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Ok, this isn't PGD news or even close to community news, but I loved Megaman while growing up so this is big news to me. Like it or not, Keiji Inafune, the man who created Mega Man has resigned from Capcom siting that he has done all he can at his current position within the company.

It seams that he is a little fustrated with the Japanese game industry in that he feels it's about 5 years behind. He's even stated that it is "finished" at last year's Tokyo Game Show. He now wants to "study how Westerners live and make games that appeal to them."

To read more about the man, go to Gamasutra and read their news post about it at

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  1. code_glitch's Avatar
    Go megaman. Shame he left though, wonder if they will continue on without him?
  2. WILL's Avatar
    I would hope so, I bought both Mega Man 9 and 10 games for my PS3 and I bought both the collections of the classic and Mega Man X games that were released for PS2. Also as testament to how much this game series had an impact on my early gaming experience, my PSN Avatar is the 8-bit Mega Man running.

    Though I'm a little disappointed in the last Mega Man release I've seen coming out soon. It's some game where you can customize and make your own levels and bosses, which would be really cool, but the quality wasn't there for me when it came to the graphics and that Mega Man feel.
  3. code_glitch's Avatar
    8-bit Mega Man
    haha, now those where the days... 8 and 16 bit dos with 256 colours, VEGA and etc... God, I miss the ker-chlunck of those old keyboards. Now its all tappedy tippedy swipe. Still, I find that although Dosbox works great, nothing replicates the feeling of booting up that old 486 with 16 megs of ram and the steady WHIRRR of your 2gb hard drive...
  4. gasdeveloper's Avatar
    2 gb?, lucky I only had 128mb for the longest time. And only 6 mega of ram. I loved that pc