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Ubuntu 10.10, Compiz and Emerald Themer. Wonderful.

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EDIT: Hmm. how do you fix extra large screenshot images These are a tad extreme for the site as they're in my native screen res...

Just had a poke around the software centre and synaptic the other day... I must say, an ATI radeon HD4300 and 200 odd megs of drivers later and compiz was happy. I must say its one very pretty show, but since I prefer a usable environment, I haven't turned everything on... But I think the results speak for themselves. Well, enough of me just look and see:

My desktop (spot the PascalGamer PDF. lol):

And another desktop image with some compiz cube...

I must say though, I like the mac theme, but if you ask me I prefer this over mac: its compiz, its free and etc. Also, its a convincing show: Spot the intruder icon that gives it all away. Might post some more screen shots if anyone out there is interested, but its hard to press ctrl+alt move a mouse and press prt-screen at the same time... XD

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  1. WILL's Avatar
    Images are huge! Any way to reduce them to a reasonable size?

    I have to admit though the theme is quite impressive. Then again, I have the same theme for my system. (psst, it's a real Mac )

    Neat Fire Fox icon.
  2. code_glitch's Avatar
    Hmm.... Looks like im going to have to GIMP them down a bit. Or so the expression goes. I found CairoDock (GLX) to be the best dock for visuals and add-ons but in terms of everyday use (resources, speed, simplicity and etc) docky wins hands down. I admit it, a real mac is better but some people just dont have the money... But did you spot the give-away Its all done in gnome (top left hand corner footprint) sorry KDE users, thanks to compiz-fusion gnome can look good too, in half the resources. KDE is great, but a little too resource hungry for my needs.
  3. code_glitch's Avatar
    All fixed the image sizes... Just edit the files in dropbox, uploaded and done... Now this is what I cal an easier approach than file/image hosting. XD
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