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PGD Mobile?

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Now-a-days it seems like everyone is making their own mobile device App for their business or collection of services. Well what would you guys say to PGD getting it's own App for iPhone and Android phones? vBulletin has created their own App which is currently available at the iTunes App Store for free and it will soon be creating a kit where it's customers --this means us at PGD-- can have their own App created and offered FREE online for people with either of the two devices. It would be able to be custom tailored, theme/skin, App icon and all so that it looked felt and acted just like a PGD brand App that allowed you to have many of the usual online features as you have from the PGD website it's self.

Click image for larger version. 

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vBulletin App Screenshots

They are currently developing the kit and have not posted a price on it yet, but announced that it will be soon. They also announced the possibility for a Windows Phone 7 and a Blackberry App also. This would give be great to give us more exposure to the world and provide more service to you awesome site Members who visit us regularly.

vBulletin iPhone Mobile Application demo video

Read more about it in the vBulletin forums or try it out on your iOS device from iTunes.

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  1. code_glitch's Avatar
    Sweet - This looks really good... I hope they go the WinMo route since I like HTC and they have lots of WinMo phones.
  2. paul_nicholls's Avatar
    Sounds very useful, but I won't be able to use it as I don't have an iPhone or an Android powered phone...

    I AM getting a Samsung SGH-F480i touch phone for Christmas but that won't be any good either LOL

  3. WILL's Avatar
    Well once this kit becomes available I'm going to see how much it is and see if we can't gather some donations to gather some of the cost for it. The App it's self will be free for everyone to download, but it will help to expose PGD to all the platforms I can get it onto. It would make such a difference to be able to have this kind of access and be listed in an A-List app store such as iTunes just as a start. The application is also really good as I've tried it out myself on my iPod Touch and it's fully featured.