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Erm.. Long time no post?

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Anyway, the title's misleading (sort of). Now it is true I haven't posted up here in 6.3million years and evolution has moved on... But So far my Ubuntu (Maverrick) is still firing away (touch wood ).

Anyway, more importantly have you ever had the "Is that really necessary?" question? And yes, I have my own server although up until now I thought "Wouldn't it be nice to have that file on this computer - not on one of the others?". Well, dropbox is nice - but its 3rd party - can't give them everything though. A bit besides the server uses an Atom D510 board [yes the one I referred to a while back] and I can tell you: Its fast. Very fast. In fact I was astounded when it booted vista in 28 seconds on an ATOM that boots XP my XP pro in 23 seconds. Don't know why but its like its on steroids this thing.

But annoyingly - I have to run meteorological and I love the windows UI so it had to be windows and thats bad since my main pc in linux. But then hey this so-friggin-massivley-epicly-awesome idea kind of shakes my world like a 10 point 0 earthquake: TABLET.

Ah yes you may say, and I bet you're thinking Ipad, well no. Its no Hp, its not Samsung. Its from the most unlikely place you'd look: Acer. Why? I had an Ipad to try the other day and I'll tell you one thing:
Due to its curved belly its incompatible with flat surfaces without a stand - thats 99.99999999% of the worlds tables (except borken ones or apple ones )
  1. The screen is nice - but have you seriously tried programming on one? Or typing an essay on it? Lolage was the main result.

So I saw this: the Acer Aspire 1825 series - keyboard, 11.6 inches, capacitive screen, windows 7, CULV processor and it does everything quite nicely enough - Ipad I don't need an app for my life. And if windows doesn't have an 'App' for that then I can make one . Cute.

Now the problem: That means my files are split onto 5 HDDs. Let me say that again FIVE computers. And I have just shy of 1.4 million files (no seriously) accross those HDDs. Ah - wheres that file now?

So action plan: Sever has all data. Computers (except main) setup as clients with roaming profiles. Inherent problem: Windows does not support that. And since its all 54b/g wifi - thats 800kiB/sec down and up. (1.7miB total up & down). Picture logging onto a 60-70giB profile. Thats:

90miB per Minute
5400miB per hour
129,600miB per 24 hour day at 1.5mIb download (rare). So my 60-70giB profile (lets say 62giB) is 63,488miB total.
All in all thats 11.757 hours of non-stop loading

No thanks there. Will get back to you guys with similar problems when I solve this...


Note: Feel free to comment on any of my posts - it fills in my spare time quite nicely and its nice to hear from other people and their experiences' from time to time.

Oh and I posted this before you

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  1. Brainer's Avatar
    Hm, I tried to run my own webserver and I can't complain about using Windows for that job - the server ran Windows XP and everything worked nice till some darn guy attacked my router with a DDOS and I quit the idea. Instead, the computer serves data all around my home network and I'm very happy about that.

    I have a dual boot too with Linux Mint - can't complain either. I bet that setting up a websrv on it would be easy as pie, but I couldn't have been bothered with that yet. Maybe one day.