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Ah - This is a tough one

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Have you ever heard that song that goes a bit like 'Its my liiiife - its now or never.....'? It's a bit funny since my life is rather like an express train - it runs 23 hours a day, sleeps for 30 minutes and waits for stuff for the other 30 minutes. And yes, I know all you people have busy lives too with work/uni and etc.... But I'll tell you what: 1 week. In that 1 Week I will cover over 1,600 km, go across the channel, traverse france, and back then head up to cambridge and back. I will type over 5,000 words of essays and assignments at the same time. I will reload 160gb of server data and an OS with no monitor or cd drive. (this ones harder than it sounds)

And I will continue working on Prometheus, eat, sleep and hang out. Can you do all that?
Now I am not saying my life is busier than yours (i think ) but prometheus is a lot of work. Trying to figure out what is easy for you and what is easy for a newbie - thats two different sciences right there.

I set out and post this message out there based on the knowledge that each blog post gets about 700-800 reads and each thread around 150 - 300 in the same time span. I dont know why but it says so at the top of the page .

So my question I wanted to post? Simply, is there anyone out there whom would be willing to be the 'partner in crime' of prometheus and just help out with a few lines here and there? The main necessities at the moment are two things: Audio - total mess (If you are interested or know stuff about audio please PM post or however you want to get hold of me and I will give you the details) and primitives/OpenGl. I am proficient with SDL and an eensy bit with OpenGL, OpenAl is new to me along with permanent linux...

So if theres anyone out there who has any time to write 10 odd lines for prometheus and ultimately to make programming faster, easier and more enjoyeable for newbies - please leave a message (not after the beep). We'd all love you for it. And even if its not towards the code and you don't program - I can teach you how to use prometheus and if you want you can write some docs or tuts for others.

My dilemna is prometheus could be good for pascal - but its a large undertaking to do it thoroughly. And as it often is in life - I've just gone and jumped into one heck of a ride . Statistically I could do it. But a person once said "Never trust statistics until you have considered what they do not say" or something along those lines.

Anyway - if you want/can help, you'd be more than welcome/appreciated. Even for the odd few lines.

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