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WAAT? I get a bloooog too?

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Ok, so now I get a blog too? You PGD guys planning on replacing everything and taking control of the world? Maybe I dont need facebook or wordpress anymore. WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

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  1. WILL's Avatar
    Hey where are the screenshots for this?
  2. code_glitch's Avatar
    lol. for what? Taking over the world? *Looks out the window* Hey isnt that the PGD banner??
  3. WILL's Avatar
    And no avatar or Profile picture? You should at least get yourself a nice avatar to upload to your member profile.
  4. code_glitch's Avatar
    working on that... still cannot decide though. its one of those things.
  5. WILL's Avatar
    Well you can have both an avatar and a picture of yourself too. Like I have. My profile will show a picture of me, but all my posts have a picture of me.
  6. code_glitch's Avatar
    probably going to for an avatar... *opens up* back to work...